Microdosing Psychedelic Mushrooms

For people who are unaware of what Microdosing psychedelic mushrooms is, it is an act of consuming very tiny amounts of a drug, generally cannabis, psychedelic like mushrooms or LSD or ketamine(sedative), amount which is enough to not get you high. The ability of Microdosing is that it helps people with anxiety and depression which totally depends on the intensity of the illness and type of drug. It can also improve your daily life like it can make improvement in your productivity, ability to focus and also in sleep and sex drive.

In this world where number of people suffering with anxiety and depression is increasing with an unprecedented rate microdosing can become more popular among people.  As people are frustrated with typical methods of dealing with depression anxiety they are looking for new ways. Hence, is microdosing the correct answer to depression and anxiety? No one can say that as there are still many researches going on to find out more about its effects, benefits and disadvantages, if any. It is not recommended to take a drug on your own and in case of illegally sourced drug like mushrooms and LSD one shouldn’t go for it. It is not a legal like cannabis edibles in Canada. Self medication is not the solution for any health issue. Below is given information on microdosing and other details that are important to know:

Why people microdose?

Many people use microdosing method to consume different drugs for various different reasons. Microdosing to consume ketamine under the recommendation of doctor is beneficial in PTSD and OCD. People intake cannabis usually to deal with stress (the presence of THC in the cannabis results in thy release of dopamine – feel good hormone) and people has shown positive results.

People prefer microdosing mushrooms and LSD for philosophical reasons.  Mushrooms contain psilocybin psychoactive compounds and like LSD it causes hallucination and LSD is a drug which is manufactured lysergic so it can boost serotonin (happy chemical) in brain and causes hallucination trips. People consume these drugs to deal with depression, to become more creative and to procrastinate more at work.

But according to science there is a different story behind it. According to a study at university of Chicago, there was no evidence of creative enhancement and emotional dealing and also there was evidence of decrease in productivity. But the thing scientist still not know how human brain actually works, so it can actually be proved how these chemicals affects human brain. Science is still researching about microdosing and there is still not enough knowledge about it.

What does it feel like to microdose?

The feeling of microdosing differs person to person. Basically, people don’t feel high while microdosing psychedelics. According to the experience of some people – Microdosing cannabis feels like drinking alcohol, it gives you gentle rush and relief and  microdosing mushrooms give you feels you have after taking one or two drinks.

How much is a microdose?

Generally, 1/10 to 1/20 parts of the total does that can actually get you high or begins hallucination trips is perfect for microdosing. But in case of some drugs like mushrooms and LSD, 1/10 is too high for microdosing. If people intake more it will make them feel more excited. In case of cannabis effects of microdose can last up to 6 hours and in case of psychedelic it can be for few hours. Mainly, people microdose weeds through extract or edibles, as they are legal and easily available online.You can buy it online at reasonable prices. Golden bud is a provider of cannabis extract and edibles online in Canada at affordable prices. You will find quality products at golden bud.

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