What is rosin?

Don’t known about rosin? Don’t worry there are many people who are still not aware about rosin – the purest form of cannabis. In recent years, rosin has gained popularity in the cannabis industry and cannabis customers. Many people have tried and there are many who don’t know about it. The popularity of rosin in the cannabis industry is because of its purity and people nowadays value clean and pure products. Because of its purity rosin industry has exploded in the western countries especially in US and Canada where use of cannabis is legal. Below is explained what rosin exactly is and why it is considered as the best way to consume cannabis?

What is rosin?

In general rosin is a version of resin in solid form which is extracted from the pines and other plants by using extraction technique which includes heat and pressure. First, fresh resin is heated for the Terpenes to vaporize and semi-transparent is obtained. Its color ranges from yellow to black. Violinists use it on violin bows. In case of marijuana, the rosin extraction process includes flower like kief, hash or shake. With heat and high pressure technique solvent-less hash oil (SHO) is obtained. The extraction process is simple and quick which provides purest form of cannabis which is high in potency.  The great thing is there is no use of solvent for its production.

  • Why rosin is so popular?

Rosin has taken the cannabis industry with storm and there are three simple reasons behind it –

  • Purity

SHO (solvent-less hash oil) is produced with heat and high pressure. There is no use of solvent as you can see from the name “solvent-less”. This is what makes rosin different from the other concentrates. BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is compared with SHO often. In BHO butane is used to eliminate cannabinoids from the Terpenes. In BHO some solvent are remains because butane is flash out from the oil.

Furthermore, in extraction process of BHO let you to disguise the use of low quality material; the chemical used makes it possible to mask cheap trim, moldy flower and other unwanted material. In case of SHO you can’ do that, means you have to use high quality material. The quality of rosin you get is the result of the material you use as you can’t alter the chemical structure. Honesty of the material used is retained.

Potency – potency of the solvent-less hash oil can differ. It depends on the material used. Pressure applied, time used and temperature in its process. The best quality of SHO has the ability to obtain the potency of 90% and more. This ability makes rosin similar to other concentrates and the best thing that makes it different from others is its purity.

  • Easy of production

production of SHO requires seconds eliminating the time used to heat up the plates. It takes around 10 minutes if you include the time to heart up the plates. It can be easily produced at home with the equipments available at home. For bulk production, BHO is easier to produce but it is difficult in case of SHO. However, the use of modern technology has made it easier to produce SHO in large quantities for commercial purpose and at home. The extraction process of SHO is labor intensive.

If someone doesn’t want to produce at it at home, then it is easily available on online platform. But while buying rosin you have to consider some important things like – smell, color and taste. You can buy rosin from golden bud online. Golden bud is a supplier of medical marijuana in Canada. It provides high quality and pure rosin at reasonable prices in Canada.

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